The Judas Conspiracy

The Judas Conspiracy

The Judas Conspiracy Blends Detective and Historical Fiction with Romance and Theology

“Finally, a mystery novel about a secret sect that is written well and compellingly. The Judas Conspiracy is smart and intelligent and true to its sources of inspiration. Williams knows church history and biblical scholarship and she uses both to write a tight, convincing thriller. I love The Judas Conspiracy!”

Dale Peterson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs - Yale Divinity School

Austin, TexasThe Judas Conspiracy by Leslie Winfield Williams is a suspenseful story that combines murder, a hunt for a valuable religious manuscript and the evil machinations of a secret ancient sect -- the Sethian Brotherhood -- with a desperate race against the clock to stop a plan to blow up a historical site.  The story begins with the theft of the manuscript from the home of the brother of the fictional Dean of the Yale Divinity School and the murder of the brother’s wife. Both events occur the night before the Dean is to donate the document to the School. The manuscript is the only known complete copy of the controversial Gospel of Judas, which says that Jesus commanded Judas to turn him over to the Romans, contradicting the Biblical view that Judas betrayed Jesus. Soon after the theft, a number of British and American religious scholars, all with a connection to the manuscript, are also murdered.

The crimes trigger an international search for the stolen manuscript, which takes the novel’s main protagonists -- a female detective with the New Haven police department and the nephew of the Dean --from New Haven to England, and to Washington, D.C., and which involves both the FBI and Scotland Yard. As the search unfolds, it becomes clear that the Brotherhood is behind the mayhem and that its members will stop at nothing to achieve their goal of destroying Christianity. The plot of The Judas Conspiracy is full of twists and turns and surprises up until its very end. 

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