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Emblem of Faith Untouched 

“Leslie Williams has composed an extremely accessible life of Thomas Cranmer. It is written vividly but simply, clearly but affectingly. She has captured the man-and she also underlines Cranmer’s importance for contemporary conflicts within the Anglican Church. Though long dead, the Archbishop speaketh still!”

Paul F.M. Zahl - coauthor of The Collects of Thomas Cranmer

“A sprightly and nuanced telling of the life and times of Thomas Cranmer.  Williams avoids the temptation of making Cranmer and his contemporatires twenty-first-century people in fancy dress. These are people of their times, but recognizably human and struggling with perennial questions of faith and practice, discipleship and power. Warmly recommended.”

Justin Lewis-Anthony - Virginia Theological Seminary

When Anything Goes - Book and Bilbe Study


“Beautiful book” - “Highly recommended” - “Great read”

“Reminiscent of C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity”

“Felt like it was written just for me”

“There’s some real gold in these writings”

“Her thoughts are beautiful, fluid, thought-provoking yet very easy to read”

The Judas Conspiracy

“Finally, a mystery novel about a secret sect that is written well and compellingly. The Judas Conspiracy is smart and intelligent and true to its sources of inspiration. Williams knows church history and biblical scholarship and she uses both to write a tight, convincing thriller. I love The Judas Conspiracy!”

Dale Peterson, Associate Dean of Student Affairs - Yale Divinity School 

“Move over Dan Brown. I was hooked from the first page of The Judas Conspiracy, and the action never stopped, as secrets were revealed right up to the unexpected surprises at the end. Read Leslie Williams’ gem of a book.”

Janet Morris, Author - Saving a Life and Jesus in the Midst of Success

Night Wrestling

"What a beautiful and brave book Leslie Williams has given us. A wonderful piece of writing. Strength-giving."

Madeleine L'Engle, Novelist 

"This book goes beyond the gloss of easy believism, and grapples with the tough stuff of real life...a testimony to honest inquiry and the kind of radical peace found only in confronting suffering awith authentic, gusty faith."

Ellen Vaughn, Author and Novelist 

"Night Wrestling is as well written as it is insightful and inspiring."

Midwest Book Review

Seduction of the Lesser Gods

"Seduction of the Lesser Gods is an exceptional book from beginning to end."

CBA Marketplace

When Women Build the Kingdom

"Heart-warming personal stories shared by the author convinced me that even the smallest of gestures performed with genuine, selfless love have long-reaching impact. This book left me with a strong resolve to remain aware and pay close attention to being open, giving, and willing to respond in situations around me with empathy, compassion, and kindness." Paraphrasing Mother Theresa: "We are not called to do great things, but small things with great love."

ArtICreate -

A Deadly Thing They Say

"Humorus quips quickly attract the reader as an awestruck bystander shocked and waiting for each grim unfolding."

James Avery - Craftsman


"Leslie Williams takes her experience in and around the church and creates a story which both captivates and entertains. Dark motives, a bishop election, and a love story unfold as the reader turns the pages to see what deadly thing awaits."

Gary Lillibridge - Bishop Episcopal Diocese of West Texas 

"With wit and insight into religion and religious politics, Leslie Williams weaves an intriguing tale of jealousy, ambition, romance and murder."

Robert L Flynn - Author 

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